There Once Comes a Time…


There once comes a time in one’s life, when one re-unites with our wonderful source.

Beauty is the essence. Spirit all around. Being vibration.

Hold on to your essence, unfold your truth. Live your Beauty.

Still and in the knowing our being finds its place, re-uniting with what once was, and always has been.

Sounds are mighty and distinct. You are vibrating to the stillness of sound. Stretching across space, one cannot possibly comprehend in the state of human awareness.

“Know That I Am” is one of the most powerful quotes we have received; It beautifully fits when trying to better understand or feel the vastness
of “all there is” or the “space” of which you are part, when your bare soul re-unites.

The poet within explores the depth of our inner wisdom. Not sure of its language or its message, it still intrigues and pulls us in.

Where is it coming from? Where will it lead? Should we surrender gracefully to what we receive so clearly, yet we question its existence and its source.

How can we trust and innocently accept the voices, rhythms, signs or otherwise vibrational touch? This, my friends, has always been a key question: How do we instill belief? Can we really create belief or does belief come from within? Can belief be stimulated? I do believe so.

The right stimulus will trigger a response. This is why the environment in which we live is so very critical to how we express ourselves and live our lives. The environment is the stimulus upon which our cells, tissue, organs express themselves within our physiology and mental as well as emotional completeness.

Trust and believe in each single moment. The power and beauty that is held in each moment can be captured and lived through every cell within and all around us.

Each moment comes from stillness and returns to stillness.
Each moment is eternal, and so is your experience, and so are YOU.


Last Weekend in Schwanau, Germany!

Last weekend in Schwanau, Germany!

Last weekend I lectured at the Intensive Course in Germany filled with lots of happy smiles and awesome energy! Come and join us at our next Intensive Courses held in Florida and New York in April. Click the picture to be directly linked to the course syllabus!

Transformation Takes Place. Miracles Happen.

“I know that I don’t know, but many don’t know even that.” – Socrates

We may have years and years of experience, and we may think we know more the more years and experience we are collecting. I would like to challenge this assumption. If you look at experience and what we draw from it, it is always limited to that specific circumstance in life. We are not able to apply what we have learned in the past. We are, however, able to apply ourselves.

Let’s look at what experience is: Individual and unique stories that will most likely not repeat themselves. So, when we draw from our experience, we dig into the stories in which we have been involved and try to somehow fit this old story into the new one or vice versa. We are creating pictures, facts, emotions, visualization, sound recollection and more into our memory, scanning through for a match to figure out how to move forward within the new story.

This process can become very complicated and may exhaust our options since we draw from this one book of experiences. We may, of course, pull in experiences that are published in books, scientific papers, or heard and viewed on aired media, such as radio, TV, and the internet.

In looking at all this, I get the feeling that the more you have experienced and read and viewed and heard, the more confusing finding a solution might get. Part of the reason may be that we are working within the limits of our brain.

What might being open and naive do for us: Applying ourselves to an experience at that very moment without expectation and free of limitation.

While assessing a situation I encourage freeing yourself from any attachment to allow pulling in from a consciousness that is bigger than our own.

Falling into that very moment with a situation, focusing on connecting without thought or expectation, allowing all senses and sensory antennas to be open and ready to receive.

Allowing your actions and response to incoming stimulus to flow, and moving with the energy of life, may prove more profound and valuable than drawing from our experience.

We are so very limited within our small worlds. I believe Socrates is correct with his quote “I know that I don’t know, but many don’t know even that”. I would even go further and say that the more we know, the more we know that we don’t know.

Keep your antennas raised and your mind open to possibilities that are not within our reach of thought at the moment.

When offering a health solution like ONDAMED, we encourage your openness and flow at this very moment in time. Working on the atomic level has been discussed in the far past by well known spiritual leaders. Transforming life energy is an art of the highest and most profound sciences. Our methodology brings about an opportunity for each user to allow part of subconscious to connect with conscious levels, thereby facilitating a re-connection to the super consciousness.

Intensive Course March 14-16 in Germany

Rolf and I look forward to welcome practitioners from France, Greece, Italy and the Netherlands next week for our Intensive Course. We’ll have lots of fun and learning ahead of us!

ONDAMED: A Non-Disease Label Approach to Improving Body Functions Versus Treating Disease

Disease Labels do not help us cure our patients. Imagine an approach that would rapidly allow you to find the hidden physiological and emotional cause of your patient’s symptoms, while simultaneously stimulating your patient’s nervous system with specific therapeutic fields. This is a non-invasive method to help you, the therapist, find the cause of your patient’s symptoms within minutes, while simultaneously treating and stabilizing your patient.

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