Re-Create Yourself

Child Awaken, be aware
There is no better moment than now
And no better place than right here.
Who are you today, this hour, this very moment?

Child of limitless possibilities,
Have you the courage to accept
The power that sleeps within you?

A power so silently awaiting your recognition,
Waiting for you to consciously say “Yes”
And walk away by your side on your hand.

A new wind rises from within,
Light emits through every cell
Whispers of wisdom are being heard throughout your being.

It is at this moment, that YOU have accepted your renewal,
Filled with life, respect, humility and gratefulness.
Living more of your own true power will allow you
To attract more power into your life.

Re-create Yourself 

Let it happen, flow with it. You deserve it.

Your fellow earthlings are waiting for you to live your
Powerful YOU, touching the lives of those around you;
Inspiring each and everyone of them
to Re-create themselves.

Why wait?
Breathe, connect, and continue every day, this hour,
And this very moment to

Re-create Yourself.


My Top 15 Ways to Reduce Stress from Your Life

  1. Rest more, get more sleep.
  2. Walk in nature for about 20 minutes three times per week.
  3. Drink plenty of good quality room temperature water (good quality water is water that contains no chlorine and no fluorides).
  4. Have fun and find reasons to laugh more.
  5. You become what you eat, therefore eat less quantity and more quality foods; less sugar, wheat, and milk products. Golden rule: don’t eat if it doesn’t meet your taste or quality standard. Better to be hungry than polluting your body.
  6. Surround yourself with environments and people you enjoy.
  7. Be aware of stress created by radiation from cell phones, microwaves, TV’s, battery-operated toys, gaming consoles, high-powered electricity lines, etc. Try to reduce such influences as much as you can.
  8. Observe your animals or birds nearby and find the beauty and brilliance of these beings living in the moment.
  9. Breathe more consciously; remember breath is life.
  10. Take off your shoes and connect to the earth.
  11. Read or write poetry.
  12. Dance as if nobody is watching.
  13. Listen to your favorite music.
  14. Try to view life from 180 degree angle (upside down or downwards up).
  15. Get yourself on the ONDAMED and let your cells get stimulated with deeply relaxing fields, improving your sleep patterns, stress tolerance and quality of life.