5 Ways to Kick-Start Your New Year: Reboot Your Body & Mind

Personally, I believe that every day offers a new opportunity to renew your mind, boost your body and reconnect to your purpose and mission in this life. One day that reminds us of that opportunity is the beginning of the new year. I strongly suggest to incorporate positive elements into your every day life and make it a lifestyle. Resolutions should be made daily, at every moment available to you.

Here are a few to start with:

1. Cell Detoxification: during the recent A4M conference I spoke about cell detoxification. It starts with the food you eat, your surroundings, and  ends with your thoughts and mindset. cell detoxification is a dedication to eliminate any poisons from your life that can harm your body, mind and soul.
2. Meditation: dedicated 15 minutes a day to tune out of the world and into yourself can change your life. The goal is to keep your mind blank and let the universe channel its messages to you. Stay tuned to yourself and be open.
3. Physical activity: I don’t suggest committing yourself to something that is out of your routine. 30 minutes of walking a day can be a good start and add years to your life. Start with something that is reasonable to you.
4. Eat healthy: but don’t get sucked into another weight loss program that will have temporary impact on your body with no real long term results. I support fasting for cleansing and tuning into your body, and then proceeding with healthy, organic, land grown foods.
5. Eliminate negativity from your life; whether it’s people, a work situation, or even a random facebook friend that their post get you out of your element – this is the time for cleansing your life, including people.
I wish you a wonderful, prosperous year full of good news, surprises, love, health, smiles and laughter.