In conjunction with the International Lyme and Associated Diseases 
Society’s Annual Disease Conference

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October 10-12, 2014
Grand Hyatt, Washington DC
BOOTH # 23

Millions of people suffer from Autoimmune Disease all over the globe.
Lyme has become pandemic, stretching from North America to Europe and beyond.

                                        Patients and practitioners alike are frustrated with trying to find the answers to their illness. ONDAMED offers a                           cutting edge solution to these questions. This state of the art technology uses a Biofeedback Methodology to locate and                      stimulate areas of physiological and psychological weaknesses with focused e/m fields. Cellular repair and regeneration begins                    immediately using focused fields unique to each individual. The patient themselves guide the therapeutic solution, and with ONDAMED, they experience the lasting benefits of personalized medicine getting and staying well.

Finally there are safe and effective answers for your patient’s health:


To schedule your free ONDAMED Session or for more information about
ONDAMED’s break through technology please contact :
Susanne Vondrak at 845-534-0456/115

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