AD, a 6-year old autistic child was brought to the office with evidence of a tick bite.

The parent explains that the child has had fever for several days and is much less active. Child wants to sit in the mother’s lap most of the time. The child also had a rash that was on the back of the child’s neck and upper body. He received treatment with Ondamed during the visit in June 2004. AD returned to the office the next day for another treatment. His parent stated that the child’s fever broke the previous night after the Ondamed treatment. His rash was gone and his activity returned to normal. AD received a total of 5 treatments, one each day for the whole week (Monday-Friday). He did not receive any treatment over the weekend. He remains well with no evidence of Lyme disease. His laboratory analysis confirmed that he in fact had Lyme disease. (Case Study conducted by Dr. Shari Lieberman)


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