Lyme patients tell their stories

From Jan D.:

I’m an advocate for tick borne diseases (Lyme disease) who has been sick for 17 years and spent $75,000 on hopeful treatments. I was finally diagnosed with 5 different tick infections 5 years ago after 12 years on misdiagnosis and was on antibiotics for 3 years and herbs for 2. In the last couple of weeks I had 3 appointments with an ONDAMED practitioner. I’m amazed how much better I feel and am telling everyone who calls on my hotline that we may have found a miracle. Lyme disease is an epidemic and maybe you could put someone on your ad who was helped by your device. There are millions of us very sick from ticks and we are all needing for a cure or at least some relief. Thank you for doing this, if I had bought your machine 10 years ago I would have saved about $50,000 by now.

From Rachel M.:

Probably one of my most amazing stories is an 83 year old woman that was house ridden, she couldn’t leave her home because of such horrific Lyme symptoms as well as incontinence. On her third ONDAMED session she was able to come to me for her session. She was ecstatic, she was able to leave her home, go out and do several errands, had increased energy, incontinence was under control and most important she was out of bed! Here is the kicker, on her fifth ONDAMED session she shared with me that she went horse back riding, YES horse back riding at 83! A woman that goes from being in bed to horse back riding in as little as 5 ONDAMED sessions and I never had to see her again! (I check in with her periodically to see how she is doing and she is still well and NO Lyme symptoms either. She feels better than ever.)

Personally, I had Lyme for ~10 years undiagnosed, while doing ONDAMED as a guinea pig, it was brought to my attention that I may have Lyme. I went to my PCP and requested I be tested for Lyme, again this is after 10 years of complaining of the same symptoms every Fall, and sure enough the test came back positive. At that time my PCP suggested antibiotics and I explained that I was doing ONDAMED therapy and wanted to continue with the biofeedback therapy and not take the antibiotics. (Clearly I had Lyme for such a long time, what did I have to loose trying an alternative therapy first?) So, I continued having ONDAMED sessions every week for 6 months. During that time I was starting to feel so much better on so many levels; my energy was picking up, my aches were dissipating, fatigue vanished, headaches subsided as well as sensitivity to lights. ONDAMED changed my life! Having a background in Biology/Chemistry, attending Chiropractic school and working as an engineer at a biotech company – alternative medicine wasn’t exactly what I studied. I will be forever grateful for the experience I personally had with the ONDAMED that I purchased a device, eventually left my engineering position, and opened my practice full-time. Every day I get to help other people and be part of their healing journey. It is so rewarding and encouraging to be part of such an amazing therapy and technology. Most important I’m happy and proud to announce that 7 years later I am still symptom- free all thanks to ONDAMED!

Theresa J.:

Living with Lyme for the last 30 years has been challenging, and at times, life threatening for me. By 2009, I was so debilitated from this disease, I could barely walk or talk and definitely not able to take care of myself. My daughter had to take care of me as I was not able to do even the simplest day to day activities. Even though I have had serious bouts before, this time I feared I may never get better.  I didn’t want to be a burden on my family and I became very depressed.
Mainstream medicine’s answer was heavy doses of antibiotics but my body wouldn’t tolerate it for more than a week. It would cause me to have gut wrenching pain and drop my sodium level so fast I came close to going into a coma. If that wasn’t enough it caused seizures so severe, I had to be held down so I wouldn’t hit my head against objects like the wall or the floor. So, I needed to keep searching for answers. By 2011, I was so week and so thin, I wasn’t sure I would last the year. I knew I would have to find something soon or I may never recover or perhaps even die of Lyme.
It was late January when I was exposed to the first step that would help me on the road to recovery. It was the Gerson therapy. The Gerson therapy is basically a nutrient-dense plant based diet of fruits and vegetables with an emphasis of raw juices. It also stressed detoxing with coffee enemas and bentonite clay packs. Within a few weeks of the therapy, I noticed my pain level to decrease and I knew, finally, something that would be beneficial in my healing. Although Gerson was helping, it wasn’t the complete answer for me to be functional again. I needed something more, something that could halt the bacteria that was destroying my body and would also heal the damage that had already occurred.
Then came the critical second step to speed the healing: ONDAMED. This device is a focused pulsed electromagnetic therapy that detects weaknesses in the body and also stimulates a healing response. It helped give my cells the energy to be able to heal and also fully detox.  It aided my ability to take in nutrients that my body could utilize. The microorganism frequencies helped my immune system fight against the spirochetes and other co-infections I had. My detox regimen took care of the aftermath of any die-off.  It was the perfect combination.

I started to be able to gain some weight and I could fill the vitality of life come back into my body. After a few months of weekly treatments along with physical therapy, I starting getting motor function back and I was able to walk without fear of falling.  Soon I could drive a car again which helped me become independent. By the summer of 2011, I had the confidence that I could live on my own.  I wasn’t totally out of the woods, but I was definitely on my way, to not only survive, but to thrive in life. I am very grateful for all the support I have had from friends and family and for the healing modalities that were developed to help me get there like ONDAMED.  It truly gave me a second chance at life.

From Dr. Travis S., M.D.:

He suffered with Lyme, undiagnosed, for over 5 years He diagnosed himself, starting with the identification of an unusual reoccurring rash. His colleague and Lyme Expert with whom he consulted recommended he see Therese Juedes for an ONDAMED treatment. After only 3 treatments with her, he was noticeably better and decided to purchase the full system. He felt like she “saved his life” using this incredible technology.

From Perry Fields:

Perry Fields, a USA Track and Field athlete was diagnosed with severe Lyme in 2005.  She was 24 yrs old. She was told she would never run again.  Friends of her physician parents recommended a doctor in the mountains of North Carolina. He taught her how to treat herself including using the ONDAMED device daily and for the next 9 months she treated herself every weekend in his cabin up in the woods. She began researching all things Lyme related and by 2007 was ready to move to FL and train for the 2008 Olympics.  She suffered a relapse due to pathogens in her mouth and had surgery to remove them. And she missed her bid.  By 2009, Perry was training again and by 2010 she raced her first indoor track season since 2001, where she made her debut at the USA Track and Field Indoor Nationals and competed in the Olympic 2012. With her complete recovery she has written a book, “The Tickslayer” which chronicles her road to recovery and she continues to offer advice and hope to Lyme sufferers worldwide through her website.

KD is a 15 year old teen who was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 6th grade (Spring of 2002).

For the next two years she took a series of antibiotics including Rocephen (intravenously) and many other antibiotics without any result. Her liver became inflamed from the antibiotics and another type was then prescribed – also without any results. KD also experienced cyclical vomiting and would lose 12 pounds over the course of 7-10 days during the two year period of intensive antibiotic treatment. This would occur every other month. She saw several specialists and no one could offer any explanation. It caused her to miss many days of school. Several times she was hospitalized for the pain she experienced in her stomach. None of the endoscopies were able to reveal the cause. She was extremely fatigued and had severe intestinal/stomach pain which did not resolve with any treatment.

KD had numerous episodes of pinworm and was treated for it each time. The Lyme disease wasn’t improving despite intense antibiotic treatment for two years. Also, her liver function tests were elevated which also caused the termination of antibiotic treatment. She received her first ONDAMED treatment on 11/15/2004 and the following week, she received 3 treatments (11/22, 11/24/11/26). After 3-4 ONDAMED treatments, she was feeling 75% better and was able to go back to school. She felt so much better she went to a Lyme disease convention at the end of November and talked about her personal experience and that she had given up hope until she started ONDAMED. She still had to rest, but she was able to function and attend the entire convention. This is the first time in two years she felt almost normal.

She continued receiving treatment (11/29, 12/1, 12/3, 12/6, 12/8, 12/10) and she was able to cut the treatment to twice per week 12/13, 12/17, 12/20, 12/23, 12/27, 12/30) and experienced continued improvement. Her mother is still in touch with the ONDAMED practitioner. She told the practitioner that KD still feels great and is doing well in school. KD is dancing and active like other teens.

KD is now in 11th grade without any symptoms of Lyme disease. She will go back for ONDAMED treatment on occasion to keep up her good health. They are moving to Florida at the end of the year (2008) and will work with another ONDAMED practitioner in their new home state. (Case Study conducted by Dr. Shari Lieberman)

AD, a 6-year old autistic child was brought to the office with evidence of a tick bite.

The parent explains that the child has had fever for several days and is much less active. Child wants to sit in the mother’s lap most of the time. The child also had a rash that was on the back of the child’s neck and upper body. He received treatment with Ondamed during the visit in June 2004. AD returned to the office the next day for another treatment. His parent stated that the child’s fever broke the previous night after the Ondamed treatment. His rash was gone and his activity returned to normal. AD received a total of 5 treatments, one each day for the whole week (Monday-Friday). He did not receive any treatment over the weekend. He remains well with no evidence of Lyme disease. His laboratory analysis confirmed that he in fact had Lyme disease. (Case Study conducted by Dr. Shari Lieberman)

MB is a 49 year old female diagnosed with Lyme Disease and co-infection with Babesia and Bartonella in October 1991.

Her symptoms rapidly progress from fatigue to multiple sclerosis (MS) like symptoms such as numbness and tingling in the extremities. In January 1992 she received intravenous (IV) Rocephin for 3 months after which time she was hospitalized for three and one half weeks for a severely low white blood cell, neutrophil and platelet count. This was a side effect due to the drug treatment. She was given a challenge test to see if there was another antibiotic regimen she could tolerate. She was then given Primaxin via IV administration for approximately five and one half months. She developed antibiotic resistant bacteria (C. difficile) and was given Questran as treatment. She also developed dumping syndrome from the Primaxin. She developed nausea which was managed with Compasine administered both IV and as a suppository for one week. She was also given Minocin, Biaxin and Amoxycillin on and off until approximately June 1994. She often had to stop treatment due to the side effect of a very low white blood count. Despite the massive antibiotic treatment her symptoms did not improve. She would get a little better for a short time and then her symptoms would return. She also developed more symptoms during the years of antibiotic treatment including knee pain in both knees, left hip pain and debilitating neuropathy. Her doctor told her there was nothing else he could do for her. (Case Study conducted by Dr. Shari Lieberman)

MN is a 35-year old male diagnosed with Lyme disease in April 2000.

A tick probably bit him when he was living in Martha’s Vineyard from March to October 1998. While he never developed a rash, he slowly began to develop symptoms. They included multiple sclerosis (MS) like symptoms including numbness to the extremities, fatigue, difficulty walking, neuropathy, memory loss, dyslexia (which he did not have previously), headaches, arthralgia, muscle atrophy and spinal pain. These symptoms became debilitating and he visited 10 different physicians. He had various diagnoses that included MS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and clinical depression. He was not getting better. MN was getting worse.

In April 2000 he visited a specialist in Lyme disease who found through laboratory analysis that he was positive for Lyme disease and Ehrlichia. Over the course of 3 years he received intravenous antibiotics that included Rocephin, Merrem, Zithromax, Plaquenil, Claforan, Amoxycillin, Doxycyclin and supportive nutritional supplements. MN also received 150 hyperbaric oxygen treatments. He experienced gradual improvement to about 60% of his functioning at best. But he still had many symptoms and whenever he went off the drugs his symptoms became significantly worse. There was no lasting improvement. He knew that he could not stay on antibiotics forever, nor did he want to.

In May 2003 he sought the advice of another integrative physician who gave him an ONDAMED treatment. He received one ONDAMED treatment each week and within 2 weeks his health improved to 90%. The improvement was so significant that MN bought his own machine July 2003 and continued ONDAMED treatment 2-3 times each week. He also stopped the antibiotics shortly after starting ONDAMED treatment. MN used simple patient preset modules for one year. After one year, he decreased his treatment to 1-2 times per week. The MS symptoms including numbness and neuropathy are completely gone. He is able to walk and exercise normally. His memory has significantly improved and his headaches and dyslexia are gone. He does not have arthralgia, muscle atrophy or spinal pain. He was unable to work from 2000-2003 and was on disability. He now works full time and travels extensively. MN became a master ONDAMED trainer. If he overworks and pushes himself too hard or if he has days of sleep deprivation he may feel some slight symptoms return such as mental fog and fatigue. MN will increase his usage of ONDAMED 2-3 times per week or until symptoms disappear – usually within one week. He continues to live a full and active life. (Case Study conducted by Dr. Shari Lieberman)


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