Newsletter Issue 7 – Breast Cancer Awareness

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Silvia’s Message

Silvia BinderEmotions direct our physiology while our spirituality facilities our emotions. I trust many of you already know my take on the purpose of disease. If you don’t, I’ll be happy to briefly summarize it for you:

We accept disease to unfold at a time when we are ready to be reminded of our purpose and our path on which we should be on. One of the hardest tasks for all of us is to take a seemingly bad situation such as disease or an accident and turn it 180 degrees; Thereby embracing it and allowing the situation to develop, offering us the potential to grow into our next life phase. A transformation may take place allowing you to get a step closer to living the powerful YOU that you have come to live.

I tell you this from my perspective with the experience I was allowed to gather in my life and having lived through many challenging situations. The biggest challenge was to face my fear of death at the age of 15. I was clinically dead five times and yes, I saw the light and became part of it and all its wisdom. I heard the beautiful sound of the universal energy and bathed in the love of the infinite vibration.

Screen shot 2013-11-28 at 9.26.12 AMI was a medical miracle. Coming back to life, and finally getting out of the hospital beds of the Intensive Care Unit and the Regular Care Unit, I had to live my 16th teenage year in a wheel chair, with little hair left on my head and weighing only 40kg. My reset button was pushed and I started to remember. I took charge, had a purpose, saw clearly, and embraced the responsibility that came along with this newly gained awareness. You can never go back, you know. There is only moving forward.

I have been pondering how to best approach this month’s topic of “Breast Cancer” and finally, as I am sitting here in downtown Munich, Germany, it becomes clear to me. Let me give you the good news of what happens, if you are allowing it, when you are receiving the diagnosis of breast cancer followed by treatment, whether the allopathic or integrative medical way, or a combination of both. The most critical thing to remember is that NOW is the time for you to embrace your own growth. It is a time to stand still, not judge, review your life path, and finally, because of your fear or pain, turn this powerful energy into the drive to change your life!

ONDAMED contributes greatly to this journey. ONDAMED taps into the electromagnetic cellular communication pathway with focused fields personal to the individual. When challenging the body with these focused fields, and working with the biofeedback loop we are reaching the individual’s “truth” (similar to how a detective works with a lie detector) and “uncloak” weak areas due to physiological or psychological stress. The stimulation with ONDAMED helps to strengthen these weak areas while strengthening the individual’s totality of body, emotions and spirituality.

Screen shot 2013-11-27 at 2.55.32 PMScreen shot 2013-11-27 at 2.54.54 PMA pioneer in the work of psycho-oncology was Carl Simonton, M.D. who founded and directed the Simonton Cancer Center (SCC) in Malibu, USA. He expanded his work in radiology and oncology to another level by introducing a philosophy to actively support patients and their families in their recovery process. I was first introduced to Dr. Simonton’s wife and their historic and important work through my friend Janie Hranicky, Ph.D. some years back. Janie invited Rolf and I to lecture as part of her seminar at the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida.

Janie herself is an incredible human being and our families have spent valuable time together in California as well as in Germany.

On one of our visits, Janie and her husband Michael Galitzer kindly connected us with the wise and lovely Valerie Hunt, Ph.D. Rolf and I visited with Valerie over the years and yes, she is brilliant, radiant, beautiful, daring and, in my book, one of the most fascinating and aware people on the planet.

She is both, a mystic and a scientist. What a powerful combination! I consider Valerie a significant mentor, who has inspired me in many ways. I urge you to watch this video showing Valerie and Janie in a 3 minute interview on bio energy healing – fighting cancer:

I have read Valerie’s books “Infinite Mind”, “Naibhu”, as well as “Uncork Your Consciousness” and I recommend you do the same. Review her site and get to know her wisdom:

Screen shot 2013-11-27 at 3.06.57 PMIn my Intensive Courses, I discuss the Bio-energetic Field according to Valerie Hunt and the way we can interact and stimulate it. I also cover the philosophy of R. G. Hamer, M.D., on cancer and the root cause of its expression in various organs or body parts. I encourage you to research this topic yourself, also found under “German New Medicine”. In summary, he believes that an unresolved emotional shock or trauma is responsible for the development of cancer. He was able to proof this theory with thousands of patients by just looking at the patient’s CT-scan and discovering the so called “Hamer “Herd”. This can be translated as “fingerprints of the soul” and are visible changes in the brain’s hemisphere .

His brilliant work can be beautifully integrated with the ONDAMED work. Breast Cancer can be differentiated between right and left side. Each side points to a specific unresolved emotional shock or trauma like this: Right breast cancer (in a right handed person) correlates to unresolved issues with the father, grandfather, partner while the left side (in a right handed person) stands for unresolved issues with the mother, grandmother, child, home.

This philosophy will help the therapist present this information to the patient in a non-threatening way, while letting the patient connect with this information relative to her/him and ultimately help the patient to arrive at their own conclusion. There will be an opening of awareness, a significant connection valuable and deep to the individual.

The memory of this unresolved shock or trauma is residing somewhere on the body. With ONDAMED we find areas of disrupted energy fields in order to focus the stimulation on these areas to help release the memory if and when the patient is ready to do so. It is powerful. I cannot tell you how many transformations I have witnessed over the years.

ap-angelina-jolie-mastectomy-4_3_rx404_c534x401Angelina’s Choice: A Science Based Decision or an Emotional Reaction?

As the world turned their eyes to Angelina Jolie last month following her choice to have a preventative double mastectomy, many found her decision to be empowering. Although I can appreciate the act of a public figure attracting attention to medicine and promoting health awareness, I can’t help but question the decision she made.  Read more here…

Screen shot 2013-11-29 at 7.56.43 AMIn this issue you will also find:

Enjoy our e-zine and share it with others. I look forward to connecting with you soon.
Be well, enjoy life, and remember to be creative every single day!

Gratefully Yours, Silvia

Silvia Binder, N.D., Ph.D.

Screen shot 2013-11-28 at 9.50.24 AM

Screen shot 2013-11-28 at 9.41.29 AMScreen shot 2013-11-28 at 9.41.40 AM


Practitioners of the Month

Valerie Hunt, Ed.,D.

Born in Larwill Indiana, Dr. Valerie V. Hunt is a scientist, author, lecturer and Professor Emeritus of Physiological Science at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Best known for her pioneering research in the field of bioenergy, her visionary approach coupled with a rigorous adherence to the highest scientific standards has won Dr. Hunt international acclaim in the fields of physiology medicine and bioengineering.

She was the first to develop the protocols and instrumentation necessary to detect and record the body’s high frequency energy fields with the spectral analysis of bioenergy patterns. She discovered the neuromuscular patterns of non-verbal communication and her groundbreaking research has led to Read more here…

BioEnergy Fields Foundation

In 1985 Dr. Hunt became the Executive Director of the BioEnergy Fields Foundation-a non-profit research and educational organization dedicated to the continued study of human bioenergy and the application of that research within the fields of Medicine, Education and Self-Development.

Read more here…

Janet Hranicky, Ph.D

Janet Hranicky, Ph.D. Is the Founder and President of The American Health Institute, Inc. She has been a leading pioneer in the field of PsychoNeuroImmunology and Cancer.

As an associate of the late renowned Radiation Oncologist, O.Carl Simonton, M.D. from 1979-2009, she was involved in the longest running Mind/Body Treatment Program for Cancer in the world

Read more here…



Dear Friends and Colleagues,

For the month of September I have chosen to focus on Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Our Practitioner of the Month is Mary Moore from Ireland. Mary has focused a great deal of her treatment on patients suffering from MS. She has shared three cases with us where she goes into great detail as to the programs and frequencies found while capturing the patient’s life quality changes.

One of my former colleagues, L.C., also suffered from symptoms correlating to her diagnosis of MS and ONDAMED had made such a difference in her life that she was able to be symptom free after a series of sessions. She changed her life, found a new love, moved, and was even able to go deep sea diving. Her case was conducted and published in Townsend magazine by Shari Lieberman; You will find it in this month’s e-zine. I have fond memories of her and much respect for her professional accomplishments. Her journey offered her a life transformation which she bravely accepted. L.C. owns her own ONDAMED device and has offered therapy to her community for over five years.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is one of the most common diseases of the central nervous system; it is thought to be an immune-inflammatory disease, which causes damage to myelin – a protective sheath surrounding nerve fibers of the central nervous system. When myelin is damaged, this interferes with messages between the brain and other parts of the body.



The damage to myelin in MS may be due to an abnormal response of the body’s immune system, which normally defends the body against invading organisms such as bacteria and viruses. Many of the characteristics of MS suggest an auto-immune disease, whereby the body attacks its own cells and tissues, which in the case of MS, is myelin.

Today more than 2,000,000 people around the world have MS.

It is likely to be triggered by a mix of factors including:

  • Emotional stress impacting hormonal and immune functions (my biggest interest since I believe it to be the root to most chronic disease)
  • Food Allergies and nutritional deficiencies
  • The environment and toxic substances
  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • Narrowing of veins that allow blood to drain from the central nervous system, referring to this compromised blood flow as Chronic Cerebro-Spinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI)
  • Microbial involvement including Herpes Simplex Virus, Epstein-Barr, Varicella Zoster, Rubella, Measles, Mumps, and Chlamydia pneumonia
  • Genetic predisposition (I personally do not buy into this theory and rather focus on the explanation of “Epigenetics”)
  • Possibly even early childhood vaccines.


You will find many peer reviewed articles, literature, support groups and educational forums available on the topic of MS on the internet and in print stretching from the U.S. to Europe, and Australia. It is a disease recognized worldwide; even China has started to acknowledge MS as a disease in their society, treating patients with corticosteroids. You may find it interesting, that autism is still not a recognized disease in China.

Clinical application of ONDAMED in MS patients will help improve quality of life. Depending on their disease progression, patients have shown to range anywhere from experiencing fewer symptoms – to halting the progression of this disease – to living a normal and healthy life.  Besides ONDAMED, practitioners must support their patients with nutritional and lifestyle coaching.

While MS is considered a difficult-to-treat-disease, I can tell you from my own experience, dealing with patients and practitioners worldwide, that it does not have to be. Using the ONDAMED Technology and the biofeedback loop with the Standard Protocol I developed (which I am sharing with you as part of this Newsletter) is always a therapeutic solution offering a hopeful path forward. The interconnection of the emotional, microbial, nutritional, and organ system elements, requires you to apply all four modules, with the guide of the autonomic nervous system, the pulse feedback. Finding the underlying dysfunctional area(s) and stimulating where it is needed most with frequencies and programs that are in most resonance with your patients, is the most effective bio-physics approach you can offer.

To improve your use of the ONDAMED or that of your technician, I strongly suggest you take the Intensive Course with me in either Germany in a few weeks, or in Las Vegas middle of December right before the A4M Conference. I will teach you how to use your device on all your patients as part of your intake by your nurse or technician. In only ten minutes, you will be able to obtain the information from ONDAMED’s four modules and reaction areas on the body, revealing a pattern to you which will help you, the physician, to zoom out and capture a wider diagnostic perspective of your patients. This will make you more informed, help you direct your communication with your patients in a patient-specific way, and not symptom or disease related. Bottom line is, that you will amaze your patients with information personal to them that they did not reveal to you, earning you trust and confidence, and supporting your decision for additional diagnostic tests as well as being able to offer therapeutic steps including ONDAMED Sessions.

Enjoy our e-zine and feel free to share it with others.

I look forward to seeing you soon, either in Germany, Poland, or Las Vegas.

Be well, enjoy life, and remember to be creative every single day!

Gratefully Yours, Silvia

Silvia Binder, N.D., Ph.D.



Case Study – LC

LC is a 53-year old woman who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 1997.

Her brain scan revealed 16 lesions in her brain. She had a previous brain scan in 1991 when her symptoms became severe and was told it was normal. It was re-read by another specialist who performed the brain scan in 1997 and he could not believe that it was misread as normal when there was evidence of brain lesions. Her physician prescribed weekly injections of Avonex. Her symptoms included extreme dizziness affecting her balance and bouts of parasthesia and an inability to urinate (loss of bladder control). She went to the emergency room and was hospitalized many times over the years when her symptoms were severe. During one hospitalization she needed to be catheterized in order to urinate for 5 weeks in 1993. In 2000 she had a severe relapse. She experienced extreme exhaustion and was having difficulty stepping up onto a curb. It progressed to the point that she could barely walk. She was hospitalized for one month. She was paralyzed during the hospitalization for 3 weeks. LC was given Mitrozantrone (chemotherapy) during her hospitalization and slowly got better. She was told she had borderline relapsing-remitting MS and she would experience deterioration of her condition. She was sent home from the hospital after she made her home handicapped accessible since during her hospitalization she was in a wheelchair. LC was able to leave the hospital with a walker rather than a wheelchair since she had some improvement. However, it took her a long time to recover at home. She could no longer continue working as the Executive Director for the Mental Health Association. LC experienced cognitive dysfunction after this relapse and had some difficulty swallowing.

In addition to the Avonex she was given intravenous immunoglobulin therapy 2 days each month from 2001-2003. In 2003 she was prescribed 3200 mg of Neurontin each day (the maximum dose) for severe neuropathy. She was still being hospitalized each year and nothing seemed to be helping. She was progressing and getting worse. She wasn’t able to work; her marriage became extremely stressful due to her illness and her level of stress made her condition even worse. She needed to walk with a cane even after she had some recovery after her hospitalizations. The MS continued to progress.

In March 2005 LC started treatment with ONDAMED. She had one treatment and did not feel anything immediately after. However, that evening she felt an “enormous psychological shift.” In her own words she felt like the jigsaw puzzle piece that was missing was finally put into place. She continued her treatment once per week and progressively improved. In January 2006 she purchased her own machine and immediately started using it 3 times per week. Her energy, cognitive function and sense of well being significantly improved. She could actually run up stairs. Her neuropathy improved over time and she was able to slowly cut her dose of Neurontin to 100 mg per day. She is no longer experiencing any neuropathy and is working with her neurologist to completely go off the Neurontin. She continuously gets better rather then deteriorating over time. She sleeps better, has increased energy and her mobility is excellent. She no longer needs to walk with a cane and can exercise. LC is also being weaned of Labatolol for hypertension that she developed in 2000 and is now on a half dose. LC was prescribed Provigil for extreme fatigue that she took since 1998. When she started ONDAMED she was slowly weaned off the medication and stopped taking it completely in 2006. She no longer experiences esophageal spasms. She was prescribed Verapimil in 2000 for the spasms and due to the use of ONDAMED she was weaned off this medication in 2006. LC continues to take is Avonex and will be off the Neurontin shortly. Since 2000 she was prescribed Tizanadine for spasticity and will start cutting down her dose shortly. Her physicians are amazed at her progress and continuous improvement. Her MS was severe and deterioration was imminent and occurred up until the time she started ONDAMED. She has since become an ONDAMED practitioner and helps other seriously ill patients get well.    (Case Study conducted by Dr. Shari Lieberman)

Practitioner Of The Month – Mary Moore

ONDAMED Helps Treat Multiple Sclerosis

marry pic (2)

Mary Moore, an ONDAMED therapist at A New Way 2 Health, LTD in Ireland, first discovered ONDAMED while in search for an answer to the chronic pain her husband, Marcus, was in  following a car accident in 2010. Marcus was prescribed numerous medications to no avail. Then Mary discovered ONDAMED through another therapist in Dublin. She spoke with Silvia Binder and her staff in New York in regards to ONDAMED and they gave her all of the answers to her many questions regarding this product.

After learning all she could about ONDAMED, she quickly bought it and gave it to her husband. Marcus is back to good health and all without the side effects of medication. This in turn made Mary want to share ONDAMED with everyone as she truly believe it is our birth right to have perfect health and from there we get to create and live our best possible life.

At Mary’s practice, they treat numerous general conditions such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Gout
  • Stress and Anxiety

Mary has found treating Multiple Sclerosis to be the most rewarding of all. She volunteers at a local MS centre and has found the most amazing results with these clients, from cutting down to eliminating pain altogether. Her clients find they have more energy and a greater sense of well-being. Plus this gives her clients a different outlook on life and this aids in getting their life back where they can undertake doing the things we all automatically take for granted. One of her clients, who has Progressive MS has not just halted her symptoms but seems to be having a reversal. Mary’s vision is to have ONDAMED available to all people with MS so that they can truly experience what ONDAMED has to offer.

Case Study – Kenneth M.


Kenneth M. is a 60 year old man suffering from Progressive MS for over 10 years. Ken is suffering a lot of fear /anxiety and stress due to deafness and had to do deep breathing to try and relax himself. He had an ear infection 12 months ago. He was give 5 repeat treatments of an antibiotic for the infection but has now gone completely deaf in both ears. He suffers with Polymyalgia and has a lot of pain in his throat, neck and shoulders. He currently takes between 16-18 painkillers a day to relieve the pain but of no use.

10.04.2013 – Module 1: (r) 56.68 Stomach/spleen   (l) 1116.6 Small Intestine/ Bladder   Int 1.6

Module 2: 14,21,23,31,34,41,47,50,57,71,75,90,96,111,120,113,141,159

Programs used: 31, 50

Module 3:  205.1

17.04.2013 – Kenneth felt much more relaxed and the anxiety had lifted before he left the MS centre after his 1st treatment with ONDAMED. He went for 2 walks this week, has not been able to do that in a long time. More energy. Completely deaf though, no improvement, but feels much calmer the fear has reduced dramatically. Pain in throat, neck and shoulders gone completely, off all painkillers.

Module 2: 34, 90 75

01.05.2013 – Kenneth is feeling much better he even took a trip to England with his son as he had his 60th birthday. Ken travelled for 15 hours and walked about 3 miles with his son, something he thought he could not do prior to ONDAMED treatments and was going to cancel the weekend. Ken has been with his doctor and is told his Vertigo has much improved. Polymyalgia pain is gone and Ken is still of all pain medication. His anxiety is way down on what it was.

Module 1:  As per 10.04.2013 Int 1.4

Module 2: 15,19,20,23,28,35,37,41,44,47,48,50,56,64,72,76,80,90,98,100,106,112,120,130

Programs used: 15,20,28,48

08.05.2013 – Kenneth has a little pain back across his shoulders but thinks it is probably because he has been more active over the week. He is getting out for walks and able to play with his grandchildren again. He is jogging on the spot and finds his balance is much better. Anxiety and fear way down.

Module 2: 19,040, 90, 100

15.05.2013 – Ken has had a bad week overall; he had flu and was very miserable. He had an increase in pain due to his doctor reducing his steroids from 15mg – 12mg. Ken had to resume taking the 15mg to get relief.


Programs used: 18, 23, 90, 50


Conclusions/Observations:  Kenneth has had 5 ONDAMED treatments starting 10th April to 15th May 2013. Ken was suffering from a lot of anxiety and fear due to his deafness. After his first ONDAMED session, he had immediate improvement in his anxiety levels before he even left the room. Ken noted that he is now able to go for walks and play with his grandchildren something he was not able to do in a long time. He is also able to jog on the spot. Ken suffers with Vertigo and when he was with his doctor it was noted there was a marked improvement in his balance. I would conclude from this that if Ken continues to receive ONDAMED treatments he would hopefully continue to improve the quality of his life.

Case Study – Susan M.


CLIENT:  13.02.2013 -Susan M. – diagnosed with remitting relapsing MS in 2009. Medication has helped with spasms. She generally feels all over pain with increased pain in (r) shoulder. Suffers with chronic fatigue and stopped working last October’12. Susan has been unable to go out unless she is accompanied and is unable to walk for any length of time. She is also unable to go out socially with her friends for a long time now.  She suffers with restless leg syndrome and also with reflux.

On a scale of 1-10 MS impacts on Susan’s life:

MS : 8

Fatigue: 8

Pain: 9

Restless Leg Syndrome: 4

Reflux: 4

13.02.2013 – Module 1: (r) 3649.1 – Stomach (l) 2981.1 Gallbladder/Liver Int: 1.4

Main areas of focus: Head

Areas of response: Chest, (l) arm, (r) hip, spine

Mod 2: 13, 17 – Revitalization

25, 28 – Psycho  Autonomic Nervous System

47 – Interference

52 – Antalgo

65 – Thyroid

67 – Cerebrum

76 – Jaw Joint/ teeth

78 – Liver/Gallbladder

89 – Ozone

90 – Scar Dysfunction

100 – CNS Build up

110 – Hip

112 – Cerebellum Function

117 – Oxygen Exchange

124 – Adhesions

137 – Haemorrhoids

146 – Tonsillitis

174 – Solfeggio

Mod 3: 215.5 – Bacteria that caused pneumonia in humans   Int: 1.6 + 1.4

Mod 4 : 115.5 – CoQ10

20.02.2013 – Susan reported feeling less pain, more vitality and was able to take 2 x 15 min walk to her mum’s house something she has not been able to do in a long time. She also had a night out with her friends which she also has not been able to do in a long time.

20.02.2013 MS : 8, Fatigue: 6, Pain: 6, Restless leg: 4, Reflux: 2, Bloating/Wind: 4

Mod 2: 47, 52, 13, 28, 28, 117

27.02.2013 – Susan found she had more energy, walked twice to her mom’s house again this week. She was out all day Tuesday with her friends. Feels she has a different mental attitude. (r) shoulder has a lot of pain. Fatigue: 5, Pain: 7, twitching; 2, restless leg: 3, reflux: 2

Mod 1: as per 13.02.2013

Mod 2: 17, 90, 100, 47

06.03.2012 – Susan had a bad week. Her medication was changed from injection to tablet form. She had a lot of fatigue and slept for long periods.  A lot of pain, mainly over top of back. Lots of twitching. Took 1 walk yesterday for 15 mins. Today still a lot of pain but not feeling as fatigued.

Mod 2: 47, 28, 100, 90

13.03.2013 – Susan’s pain has reduced again, vitality increasing, levels of twitching has decreased again. Went out a lot this week, had one 15min walk and one 30 min walk went shopping and had a night out with friends again. Feeling mood more positive. Thinking about maybe returning to work part-time. Fatigue: 5, pain:6, twitching: 2, Reflux: 2

Module 2: 25, 47, 90, 67

Module 3: 203.1 – Int 1.6

20.03.2013 – Susan has had a great few days, she was able to cut down on painkillers from 6-2 per day. She was able to take care of a young child for a couple of days without any bother. Went for one walk for about 30 mins and two walks for 15 mins each. Shoulder pain had reduced.

Module 2: 17, 47, 28, 67, 90




10.04.2013 – Susan has missed ONDAMED treatments over the past 2 weeks, so three weeks today since her last session. Susan found she was fine the 1st week, energy levels fell the 2nd week and 3rd week her energy level has dropped right back with increasing pain.

Module 1: (r) 12.69 – Lung  (l) 20.74 – Circulation – Gland/Hormones

Module 2: 13,17,19,21,23,28,31,35,37,43,50,71,80,87,89,90,96,105,108,111,117,15,158

Programs used: 21, 31, 90

Module 3: 205.1

17.04.2013 – Susan has improved a lot but still not back to where she was 20.03.2013. Pain has improved and energy levels. She was able to get out for a couple of walks. Just a little twitching for a couple of days and then none. Reflux good, had some bloating. Appetite not good this past week.

Module 2: 16,20,24,28,34,41,44,47,48,50,56,61,71,76,80,90,95,100,105,117,126,148,168

Programs used: 28, 44, 47, 76, 90

24.04.2013 – Susan’s energy was back up over the week, but feeling very tired today. A little pain. Susan had been off all pain medication but taking about 2 painkiller on a day she has pain. No twitching at the start of the week but came back over the past couple of days. Reflux good, but had a lot of bloating. Appetite still not good. Susan got out for a couple of walks.

Module 2: Programs used: 16, 47, 80, 91, 90, 20

01.05.2013 – Susan’s energy is up with only a little pain. One day of twitching rest of week none. Reflux is good. Stomach not good all week- Diarrhoea. Appetite really bad. Got out for about 4-5 walks this week.

Module 1:  (r) 2813.80 – Gland/Hormones – Gallbladder   (l) 55.39 – Colon/Stomach Int 1.4

Module 2: 17,19,20,25,32,37,47,48,56,62,67,75,76,80,84,89,90,91,97,102,110,126,149,171

Programs used: 19, 37

Module 3: 102.5

08.05.2013 – Susan’s stomach has improved greatly. Energy levels good, a little pain on and off. Susan took 2 painkillers per day for 3 days this week. Restless leg/ twitching only 1 day. Reflux no problem. Shoulder pain has gone completely.

Module 2: 17, 32, 48, 90, 112

15.05.2013  Susan’s energy levels were up to a point where she was able to take 2 sessions of water aerobics, something she wouldn’t even think about doing before.She had some pain over 2 days at about a level 2-3. She has restless leg 1 day and then it dissapated again. Reflux no problem. Stomach still a little bloating but greatly reduced. Susan has noticed that since she changed medication she is getting headaches which are becoming more frequent – now on a daily basis. Susan is experiencing some balance issues.

Module 1: (r) 2813.80  Gland Hormones / Gallbladder

Module 2: 20,025, 149, 90


Conclusion/Observation:   Susan has had 12 ONDAMED treatments since the 13th February till the 15th May 2013. It is very apparent that Susan has had many improvements to her physically and to her life in general thus leading to a brighter outlook and better sense of wellbeing.

  • Increased vitality – decrease in fatigue:  8 – 4
  • Substantial decrease in pain:  9-0 pain : only 1or 2 days a week with a pain level of a 2
  • Medication decrease:  painkillers 6 per day – 2 per day if pain occurs
  • Decrease in restless leg syndrome : 4 – 0
  • Reflux:  4 – 0
  • Bloating: 4 – 2

Improvements for Susan have been quite substantial so far. Susan can now get out for walks and socialise at night with her friends, something she had not been able to do in a long time. She could even take care of her friends daughter over a 2 day period (age 2) with no problem, according to Susan she could not have even considered doing this before. The decrease in pain is a major factor for her and her outlook has changed and she is feeling a much greater sense of wellbeing.